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Recognised experts
​​Sylvain Thomazo

Managing Director of the DIIS GROUP, Sylvain Thomazo has a great deal of experience of services in the debt market. He is particulary specialised in bond issues under French law.


Representative of the Masse since 2008, he has been instructed by a number of issuers such as banks and financial investment advisors.

​​Sandrine d'Haussy

Managing Director of DIIS GROUP, Sandrine d'Haussy has acquired solid expertise in the field of bond issues.


Representative of the Masse since 2010, she has also participated in numerous general meetings for bondholders.

​​Christian Hochstrasser

As experienced professional in the field of debt issues services. He has also been a Representative of the Masse since  2008.


Christian Hochstrasser helps DIIS GROUP to expand its commercial development.


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