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Security Agent

Ensure the security interests have been pledged on a closing date of a new bond issue.


Carry out the pledge release procedures, if any, pursuant to Article 2488-6 of the Civil Code.

DIIS Group acts in many jurisdictions including Spain, Brazil, Chile and Australia.

Representative of bondholders


Recommanded negociating partner in the area of bond issues under French Law, a privileged partnership between the Issuer and the Investors, conforming to articles L228-46 according to the French Code of Commerce.

Chairing the general meeting of the bondholders.

Covenant Agent


Oversee Covenants in the area of private issues, or EuroPP.


Upon request, provides investors with financial information, in accordance with the issue documentation rules.

General meeting of bondholders


Participates in the organisation of an general meeting of bondholders, if regulatory changes require it.

Centralize the votes, and calculate the quorum.

Ensures of smooth-running of the general meeting.

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